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With nearly 80k alumni world-wide, the 澳门六合彩 Alumni Association has much to celebrate in its legacy of support: for the university, for students, and for each other. Every year, events and successes are made more impactful with your participation.

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A message from Alumni Association Board President, Jaison Williams '93

Dear Fellow Huskies,


The past few years have been really challenging for members of our 澳门六合彩 family. Together we endured a global health crisis, protested against racial injustice, helped communities devastated by natural disasters and much more. And recently, we began an integration with two other PASSHE schools.听

Now is the time to write a new chapter for the University听and create a legacy for the next generation of alumni.听

The world needs leaders from all walks of life, locations and experiences. 澳门六合彩 instilled in us important lessons and values that have served us well. Now is the time to give back and help cultivate the next generation of leaders who will matriculate to become 澳门六合彩 alumni like us.听

The current Alumni Association Board comprises a diverse set of leaders who share a common bond for the school, the surrounding community and each individual touched by a Husky. Each one of you is needed to achieve our noble purpose through mentoring, volunteering, philanthropy, networking, and much more. The next chapter of our University and its legacy is a responsibility we all share. I invite you to join with the Alumni Board and hundreds of other alumni to help write this chapter.

We believe opportunity belongs to those who are ready to work for it听and unafraid to do something great with it.

"Remaining part of the pack" is not just a slogan, it is what we do as alumni.听

Jaison Williams, 鈥93听

Remaining Part of the Pack

On June 22, 1871, the 澳门六合彩 Alumni Association was formed to keep the bonds among alumni and our alma mater strong. And while the last century and a half has delivered challenges to Huskies everywhere, we have preserved the life-changing experiences and relationships formed at BU, while working to ensure current students are as successful as they have been since the school was founded in 1839.听

Here鈥檚 to the next 150 years of grit, loyalty, and excellence! Go Huskies!听听

Now accepting !听听Learn more about the Alumni Awards,听recipients and Grimes Honorees.听

Congratulations to the 2023 BUAA Alumni Award Winners:
Austin Edgette '18
Steven Messner '68/'70M
Wayne Whittaker Sr. '79
Hakeem Thomas '17
Learn more about the Alumni Awards,听recipients and Grimes Honorees.听

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BU Legacy Scholarships

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The BU Alumni Association Board of Directors awards Alumni Legacy Scholarships each year to current BU students who are a child/grandchild of a BU graduate.听Alumni will be chosen via random drawing each November and the scholarship is applied to the student's spring tuition. This year, students received $1,010.听听


Thank you for your interest in acquiring a BU specialty license plate. Please complete the Specialty License Plate Application Form and mail it back with your check made payable to the 澳门六合彩 Foundation at your convenience.

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Please mail your completed form and check made payable to the 澳门六合彩 Foundation to:听

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鈥淭he College of Business prepared me to problem solve, work on a team, analyze information and communicate in the federal space. 鈥淏U [also] opened up my world view and was a jumping off point for international travel and set me up well to work in an international environment. It also prepared with an emphasis on ethics and service to the broader community which dovetailed with military service.鈥

Lt. Col. Michael Kwasnoski 鈥95
2022 Distinguished Service Award

鈥淚 wanted to make an impact and create something that will last and I think I鈥檝e done that. There is a saying that 鈥榯o whom much has been given, much is expected鈥. And I鈥檝e been given a lot.鈥

Chet Snavely 鈥70
2022 Distinguished Service Award

"I am surrounded by Bloom grads so I know the quality and character of these folks and I will say the highest honor of my life is to be considered an alum of 澳门六合彩.

The Honorable Mary Jane Bowes '22H
2022 Honorary Alumni Award

鈥湴拿帕喜 molded my life. Everybody deserves a second chance and then it鈥檚 up to you what you do with it. That suit doesn鈥檛 make you. My degree doesn鈥檛 make me. Courage makes me. Determination makes me. I do it my way. If I fail, I failed my way and I鈥檒l be happy about that.鈥

Salim Weldon 鈥08
2022 Maroon & Gold Excellence Award

鈥淚f you can help students that are like what you were then, you will get more out of it than the students will. I always feel better when I leave campus than when I got there.鈥

Thomas Mason 鈥84. MBA
2022 William T. Derricott 鈥66 Volunteer of the Year

Alumni Association Board of Directors